The KT-NCC manages communication
from the EntraPass Global Edition
security management software to the
door controllers. It also controls features/
functions such as areas, alarm systems,
global i/o, guard tours, and secondary
access levels. It makes the access control
system easier to manage, easier to expand,
and much more reliable. The KT-NCC
is in control instead of relying on a PC
for controller-server communication.
KT-NCC includes onboard TCP/IP, that
eliminates the costs associated with buying
and maintaining a third party communication
device to link to the network.
KT-NCC easily communicates with any
Kantech controller (KT-100, KT-300 or
KT-400), making it a very powerful way to
expand an EntraPass Global Edition system.
Redundant communication paths
ensure that, should communication
to the main EntraPass server fail,
KT-NCC will automatically connect to
the EntraPass redundancy server. This
safeguards important security data
and ensures business continuity.
Further extending its ease of use,
KT-NCC panels come equipped with
LEDs that provide the user with an easy
way to quickly assess system status.
New functionality is easily flashed to
KT-NCC controllers from the EntraPass
server. This saves an enormous amount of
time because you don’t have to manually
update each controller and ensures
that you can take advantage of new
features and functionality immediately


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